Our goal is essentially to merge artistic merit with good, solid gameplay, and use both elements to highlight the other. We don’t believe there’s a legitimate reason that games can’t have deep, meaningful stories within a game like Mega Man. It certainly requires more finesse, and we might not succeed at it immediately, but it is our goal to bridge the socially constructed gap between meaning and so-called engaging experiences.

To that end, we make silly RPGs and pinball games about misanthropy, culture, identity, and wanting to be cute as a button. It has been slow going and full of setbacks, but an otherwise exhilarating experience.

Claire (@paxclara) is the director of our projects, doing game design, writing, art, and basically everything that isn’t programming or music.

Brandon (@YangusKhan) is the┬áprogrammer of our projects and also serves as a “design editor.”


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Idiosyncratic game developers from Denver, CO